Zuivelspecialist Versluis

With over 20 years of experience as an independent dairy specialist, we offer a wide range of domestic and foreign cheese varieties. Our focus is on providing quality products with the best taste and texture. We also sell salads and snacks for the snack, corporate gifts and Christmas packages.

International Shipping

For destinations that are not around the corner, it is possible to send a selection of our products by parcel post. In consultation with you, we will vacuum pack the items and send them with the well-known postal services. This is of course also possible for (distant) foreign destinations.

Would you like to order our cheese online? We can send our delicious cheeses directly to your home. For more information contact us at [email protected]. If you still have the receipt from your last purchase. Don’t forget to send it with your request, so we know what kind of cheese you bought last time!

Our Products

At our store you will find an extensive selection of the tastiest cheeses that the Netherlands has to offer. Taste our delicious farmer’s herb cheeses, including nettle, fennel, cumin, truffle, 5 herbs, chili and pesto. Or choose one of our 30 types of foreign cheese and experience the flavors of the world. Our Gouda farmer’s cheese is a must-try and for our vegetarians, we also have organic vegetarian cheeses.

In addition, we have a large selection of goat cheeses, including regional raw milk cheeses, and a small selection of sheep cheeses. Furthermore, we have a salad bar with different types of spreads and olives.

And to complete the picture, we also have the best cheese tools in the world! Visit us and discover the world of cheese, where quality and taste go hand in hand.

Gouda Cheese Market

The Gouda Cheese Market is a cheese market that takes place in the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. It is one of the oldest and most famous cheese markets in the country and has been held continuously since the Middle Ages. At the market, cheese traders sell different types of cheeses, including the famous Gouda cheese, to local residents and visitors. The market is known for its traditional character and is a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors the chance to sample and purchase a wide variety of cheeses and other local products. The Gouda Cheese Market is held in 2023 on Thursday mornings from April until the end of August (with the exception of 27th of April (kings day) and 18th of May).

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